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We the Believer's in The Gospel of Jesus Christ dare to dream. We dream of God's infinite creation. Of the countless possibilities within The Creator's plan for this universe. But think of this. Right here on this planet God's word calls you and I "Aliens and Strangers" in this world. Let me point out how true this is. Your journey in this life begins the day you are born. From that day until the day you leave this world you are a traveler in time. You have moved through the years between your birth and today. What new and wonderful discoveries have been invented for you to witness? And even more exciting, you are a traveler between dimensions. You are just passing through this earthly mortal existence, on your way to an eternal life moving across dimensions, exploring all of God's creation forever. Think about who you really are in God's plan. It's pretty awesome.

What is Christian Scifi

Science Fiction itself has many definitions. I'll give you mine. First I'm leaving the Fantasy and Horror genres to someone else. Check my links page from time to time for updates on who has that information. Fiction that deals with Outer Space, Aliens, Time Travel, Future Technology, Other Dimensions and Life on Other Planets...these are good examples of what science fiction is all about, to me. Christian Scifi is simply looking at these same topics from a Christian world (or universe) view. Using the "what if" approach to God and His Word being known and experienced throughout His creation. Until that day when we are able to explore creation, as resurrected beings, Christian Scifi is a great way to imagine what can be. And what might be already, somewhere.

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